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Half day and full day guided trips from Athens

If you are planning to stay more days in Athens, it is recommended that you hire a greek tour guide for a trip away from the city once you think you have completed your visits in the capital of Greece. Athens is the perfect starting point for the exploration of some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of mainland Greece. It would indeed be a pity to be in Greece and not see the areas listed below. They are unforgettable for all the reasons you can think of: beautiful nature, scenic towns, historic interest, archaeological sites, wonderful views, nice markets with the local crafts( pottery, jewellery,art), absolutely tasty cuisine and more…


All the following trips require a vehicle:

Cape Sounio

Τo tour the coast of Athens with a Greek tour guide is a great idea for a marvellous trip, especially for people that have seen the city and seek for an alternative option. The trip would bring you to the temple of Poseidon, god of sea, in Cape Sounio, one of the most photographed spots of Athens promontory, overlooking the Aegean Sea.





Hire a Greek guide for a private half day tour to Corinthia with a stop to see the impressive Corinthian Canal, constructed in 1893, that connects the two seas of Greece, the Aegean and the Ionian,followed by a guided tour of ancient Corinth, one of the most exciting cities of Ancient Greece. Later, its connection to St Paul ( he stayed in Corinth for more than a year during his second missionary journey and later wrote the Epistles to the Corinthians) makes it a favorite destination for people from around the world that study the Bible.

A Tour in Argolis

A full day tour from Athens, worth booking a greek tour guide for. An area of the Peloponnese rich with archaeological sites and monuments, natural beauty and history.In Epidauros we visit the best preserved theatre of Ancient Greece, renowned for its acoustics, as all the Ancient Greek theaters, built in an idyllic location of the Peloponnese. In summer it is flooded with people from all over Greece, who come to watch ancient plays(tragedy and comedy) by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes, in the course of the festival of Epidauros. Our tour would continue through the orange orchards and the olive groves of Argolis in order to reach Mycenae. Visiting Mycenae is to go back to the times of the Trojan war and to realize it was all real. An era lost in the mists of myth comes alive and you realize that Homer in the Iliad was describing a real world, the so called by the archaeologists Mycenaean World. The citadel of Mycenae was the kingdom of Agamemnon, leader of the Trojan expedition. Its impressive walls still rise in situ, preserved up to a considerable height, and the famous “Lions’ Gate” welcomes the visitor into the ancient city which was crowned with the palace. Equally impressive is the tomb of Agamemnon or Treasury of Atreas, the best preserved royal grave of Mycenae, where one of the mighty prehistoric kings of this palace was buried. The town of Nauplion is not to be missed during a trip to the Peloponnese, and a walking tour as well as some leisurely time in the historic centre is highly recommended .It was the first capital of Greece after the end of the War of Independence and probably the most beautiful town of mainland Greece until nowadays, dotted with a fine architecture of 19th century neoclassic buildings and castles constructed by the Venetians in the times they held sway over the Peloponnese.



A full day tour from Athens to the ” centre of the world”. The ancient sanctuary of Apollo survives in ruins at the slopes of Parnassus mountain, amidst a most dramatic landscape. The temple housed the oracle, where precious advice was given to people coming from all over the then known world, seeking to receive the enlightenment of the god about serious matters they had to decide upon. Delphi,thus, became the most influential centre in the then known world for the promotion of the notion that all actions of man should be based on the idea of moderation  in order to have a positive impact.The visit of a unique museum is included in a  tour of Delphi, where we have the chance to admire the statues, sculptures, pottery, bronzes and other artifacts that were found in the excavations of Delphi. A masterpiece of the classical period is housed in the museum of Delphi: The Charioteer of Delphi, one of the few statues of copper that survived the melting down of  ancient bronzes in the paleochristianic years.

Epidauros: +30 27530 22009

Entrance Fee: 6€, reduced 3€

Mycenae: +30 27510 76585

Entrance Fee: 8€, reduced 4€

Delphi: +30 22650 82313, +30 22650 82346

Entrance Fee: 6€, reduced 3€

The opening hours are subject to change in accordance to the season. Therefore, you should communicate directly with the sites and museums or check with me during the particular days you're visiting.